The Owner Of Buceo 95 Rocks 70s Vintage

Courtney, owner of Buceo 95, wearing a vintage 1970s dress

Hello, loyal Upper West Side Style readers, however few of you are left. It’s been two weeks since I posted! Appalling. Will remedy immediately.

MILo and I went to one of our favorite local hangouts, Buceo 95 (201 W. 95th St, between Broadway and Amsterdam) for some tapas and wine. I noticed a woman in a long floral dress flitting around and stopped her to ask her a personal question.

“Are you wearing vintage?”

Now this question, sort of like, “When are you due??” can be fraught with controversy. If, for example, the person is wearing something brand new and thinks you’re insulting their frock by asking if it’s vintage—bad.

Turns out Courtney, who also happens to be the owner of Buceo 95 (though she lives in the Village—we will ignore the fact that she’s not an UWS’er), is an avid collector of vintage. She scours Brooklyn for finds, and has raided her mother’s closet. On the night we were in, she was wearing a fabulous alligator cuff that I’m sure hit Studio 54 in the 70s.

I personally don’t wear vintage. The oldest thing I own is a Prada bag that I bought on my honeymoon in Italy in 1997. I’m into snazzy, new, and trendy, but I really admire when vintage is done well. It actually takes a lot of work to find good pieces.

Buceo 95 is decorated with vintage art and fabrics. The restaurant, if you’ve not been there, is a gem. Delicious tapas and sangria are a result of time Courtney spent in Spain.

She offered to bring in a bunch of her best pieces for a little trunk show at the restaurant. Stay tuned.

1970s alligator cuff


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