It Looks Like The Metro Theater May Finally Have A Tenant

Hello, Upper West Siders! I’m still here. Yay!

Thanks to MILo’s obsessive trolling of UWS real estate sites, I have this tidbit to bring you: The decrepit Metro Theater (2626 Broadway, b/w 99th and 100th) may finally have a tenant. According to the Besen Retail Leasing site, it will now be called the Galleria at Metro Theater. “Booths are available in The Galleria from 60-250 square feet for any use.”

Um. This worries me just a bit. While I’m desperately hoping for a Chelsea Market-esque land of cute boutiques, I’m fearing a dumpy flea market where I will be offered socks and incense.

Watching this one closely, people.

(Also, I’m happy to see that the previously vacant Rootchi store next to the Metro Theater has re-opened after a few months….as the Rootchi store again. I will get to the bottom of this peculiar leasing arrangement.)


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