Hey, It Snowed In New York City?

Um, really?

I’ve been away for the last ten days. Normally I write a goodbye post, but this time I decided just to vanish without warning. Hopefully no one sold my blog out from under me while I was gone.

Anyway, I went snowboarding in Aspen (snowy), then to Chicago to visit family (cold and snowy), then came back to NYC to find…lots and lots of snow. I’m slightly peeved that I missed the Snowpocalypse here, but I got to enjoy the aftermath at LaGuardia, where I attempted to find a cab at 9pm with five suitcases and two cranky children.

After a solid night’s sleep, I went wandering around the Upper West Side today to explore and made several observations:

1) Good lord, I’m so happy I don’t have to deal with a stroller anymore. Getting it across the massive slush pile at every curb looked like a complete nightmare. Hats off to you, UWS mommies.

2) An icicle fell off the Talbots building on Broadway and nearly killed me, as pointed out helpfully by a woman passing by. “Oh my god, that icicle almost fell on you!” Coincidence that Talbots tried to kill me? I think not.

3) I witnessed many New Yorkers arguing and eye rolling while attempting to cross 86th and Broadway. There is an approximately 6-inch wide path shoveled out at the crosswalk. I chose to walk over the mound smugly, then discovered that my cheapo Target rubber boots leak. I doubt there is a single rubber boot to be had in this town anymore, either.

4) In a gleaming sunbeam, I watched two members of the FDNY, stripped down to T-shirts, shovel snow from around fire hydrants. It made me feel very, um, patriotic.

5)  No one fell and broke a hip, at least that I saw, so that’s good.

Happy belated holidays, Upper West Side! It’s good to be back.


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