Upper West Side Contender For “Hot ‘Hood of 2011”

15 Central Park West

The January/February edition of Manhattan magazine just arrived this week. As I was flipping past features on $150 hair conditioner, I landed on an article entitled, “Hot ‘Hoods of 2011.” The number one contender listed? Yes, the Upper West Side.

As I started reading, I got more and more uncomfortable. The article is set up with a “goal”, “the game plan”, and “next year expect” sections for each neighborhood. Our goal as a neighborhood, according to Manhattan? “Stop being a poorer, less interesting version of the Upper East Side.” Um. What?

Poorer, maybe. Less interesting? HAHAHAHA! They may have more museums and better shopping on the UES, but I can assure you, the residents are hardly more interesting. Good lord. And we have Riverside Park. And Zabar’s. ¬†And Fairway. (OK, I’m not sure I’m supporting my argument very well here. )

Then it goes on about the old money loving the Apthorp and crazy money loving 15 CPW. Yeah, $10,000/square foot apartments really make a neighborhood hot.

Finally, it talks about the celebs moving here. Apparently Sting, A-Rod, and Denzel Washington live at 15 CPW. Of course Madonna lives up here, too. SJP is still scouting apartments on the UWS. And I did not know this, but Lady Gaga is a partner in Vince & Eddie’s (70 W. 68th St, nr. Columbus).

If all this equals “hot”, I’d rather be lukewarm.

Read the full article here.

Floorplan for penthouse at 15 CPW

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