Wherein I Contemplate Birthdays

A lot of things have been happening lately–tons of new projects, intermittently sick kids, snow days, and….I had a big birthday.

Thank god that’s over with. There’s a phenomenon called “anticipatory nausea” in oncology: people who are undergoing chemotherapy start throwing up on the way to their appointment to receive chemo, because they know how it’s going to make them feel. Same way with this birthday. This entire year I’ve been stressing out about how frigging old I was going to be.

Well, it turns out it doesn’t matter! The day came and went and I had a lovely week. Boozy lunch with the girls. A weekend of solitude to contemplate my emerging wrinkles. And an upcoming fabulous Caribbean getaway with friends.

Have you ever taken a retrospective of your life to figure out how you ended up where you are? Me either, because like most people I sometimes like to bitch and complain about what I haven’t done or what I don’t have. But I made a point of doing it for this birthday.

Here’s what I discovered: my life is fantastic! What the hell is my problem?

I also discovered that if you have a Beauty Insider card at Sephora, they give you a free bottle of Philosophy shower gel. It is SO soft and smells like vanilla birthday cake. Weirdly, that girl on the bottle looks just like I did when I was little, ponytails and all.

Birthdays aren’t so bad after all.


One comment

  1. Mark · January 29, 2011

    Happy Belated B-Day!

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