When The Hell Are They Going To Just Give Up And Condemn The Metro Theater?

I was wandering past the decrepit Metro Theater today (and no, a piece of tin from the overhang didn’t fall on me…for a change) and noticed that the door was open and some activity was going on inside. So I scooted over with my camera to check it out. No, OF COURSE, I didn’t trespass. I just stood on the sidewalk and shot in. Once you see the pictures, you’ll see why I didn’t go in–you’d be taking your life in your hands walking in there.

I’m still so intrigued by this drama. I reported in December that the theater was tentatively going to be a Galleria, complete with booths selling…stuff. DNA Info later shot that rumor down and reported in mid-December that a community activist was trying to raise money to make it a community arts center. Well, My Upper West side shot that rumor down at the beginning of February. Read it here. ┬áSo it looks like it may be an a) appliance store b) clothing store (hoping!) c) school (huh?!) d) health club e) bookstore (that’ll be short-lived).

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New York Fashion Week, Fall 2011: A List

Christian Siriano's gowns from my front row vantage point

I like to write lists. I have them all over the place: on my Blackberry, on random slips of paper, in my calendar/planner–which yes, is still paper. So I’m going to take the lazy way out and summarize New York Fashion Week in a top ten list. It’s in no particular order actually. Here goes:

Matthew McConaughey at the Heart Truth show

1. ┬áSeeing the Heart Truth’s Red Dress Collection on the first day. It’s basically a parade of celebs wearing red dresses in support of heart disease prevention/awareness in women. The nurse in me can get behind that cause. Plus I saw Matthew McConaughey there because his wife was walking in the show. I bravely sauntered right up to him and snapped the side of his head. I totally could have chatted with him, but what does one say to such a man? “Oh, I see you’ve decided to wear a shirt for this occasion.” Seriously. Read More

On The Street: Meet Morag And Pamela

So I’m in the middle of NY Fashion Week chaos and haven’t been updating Upper West Side Style. A pox upon me! There’s been so much going on at Lincoln Center this week that I really should have been sharing in real time. But I’ve been taking notes and lots of pictures, so will give you a recap post when it’s all over. If you’re interested, check out the exhaustive coverage over at Fashionista (where I have been toiling tirelessly this week).

Anyway, I was leaving the tents at Lincoln Center the other day, when a chartreuse vision caught my eye near 68th and Broadway:

I had to go speak to these joyful and confident ladies and congratulate them on their individualism. Morag was wearing a Lie Song Bong coat and Pamela had on a Michael Kors fox (fur haters, please keep it to yourself for a minute). Apparently MK only made two of the coats, the other of which was purchased by a Saudi Arabian princess. Please also note her hot pink accessories. I approve!