When The Hell Are They Going To Just Give Up And Condemn The Metro Theater?

I was wandering past the decrepit Metro Theater today (and no, a piece of tin from the overhang didn’t fall on me…for a change) and noticed that the door was open and some activity was going on inside. So I scooted over with my camera to check it out. No, OF COURSE, I didn’t trespass. I just stood on the sidewalk and shot in. Once you see the pictures, you’ll see why I didn’t go in–you’d be taking your life in your hands walking in there.

I’m still so intrigued by this drama. I reported in December that the theater was tentatively going to be a Galleria, complete with booths selling…stuff. DNA Info later shot that rumor down and reported in mid-December that a community activist was trying to raise money to make it a community arts center. Well, My Upper West side shot that rumor down at the beginning of February. Read it here.  So it looks like it may be an a) appliance store b) clothing store (hoping!) c) school (huh?!) d) health club e) bookstore (that’ll be short-lived).

Whatever it’s going to be, there’s a lot of work to be done. Check out the retro TV inexplicably lying on the floor. (This may possibly be one of my ugliest posts ever.) Click on the photos to enlarge…if you dare.


One comment

  1. Andrew David Baron · April 2, 2013

    It’s going to be a new theater there in 2014! Alamo Drafthouse Cinema! Supposed to be EPIC!


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