Go See The “Women’s Voices” Exhibit At El Taller Latinoamericano

There are many small treasures in our neighborhood, and despite the fact that I’ve lived on the Upper West Side for almost 10 years,  I’m still constantly discovering things.

Over the fall and winter I’ve been lucky to get to know the gracious and gentle family who owns El Taller Latinoamericao (“The Latin American Workshop”- 2710 Broadway, 3rd Fl @ 104th). El Taller is a not-for-profit cultural arts center that highlights music and art, as well as functions as a language school. (I should really resume Spanish studies there. After years of taking classes–high school, college, and community classes on and off–I still can’t make a proper sentence to save my life.)

Anyway, it’s a gem of a place, and I can personally attest to the quality of the sangria. The current exhibit at the Grady Alexis Gallery there is called “Women’s Voices” and it’s running now until April 7. Check the website for logistical details. Three artists’ work is displayed: Susan Hoeltzel, Beatrice Lereton, and J. Maya Luz.

So walk a few blocks out of your comfort zone and go take a peek.


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