And The Most Popular Nail Polish Color On The Upper West Side Is…

Lady Gaga wearing Merino Cool last fall

…Essie’s “Merino Cool.”

I have absolutely no scientific data to back this claim up, only anecdotal evidence based on what I see in my (not insignificant amount) of time spent in various Upper West Side nail salons.

Essie released this color in its Fall 2010 collection, and it shows absolutely no signs of slowing down. In the “greige” family (this is a new color invented by the beauty press to describe a grey/beige hybrid), it has purple undertones. Every time I go to a salon, someone has it at their station. Last week I was in a salon and I had it, then two more people came in wanting it, too.

Plus I am constantly being stopped in shops, etc: “Oh, Merino Cool? Me, too!” I’m telling you, it’s huge. It’s the perfect multi-season color, too. Not too dark and not pastel. So for heaven’s sake– go try it out  so you’ll fit in with the rest of  the neighborhood.



  1. thechatterjis · April 15, 2011

    nice colour, will have to find it!

  2. Nail Salons · December 15, 2011

    I am so loving that color. I have to put that in my mind..”Merino Cool” wow! I find it so neat and so sophisticated.. Gotta have that one!

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