Athleta Opening on 70th and Columbus: I’m Conflicted About This

Crain’s reported earlier this week that  Athleta would be opening its first NYC store in the old Lucky Jeans space on 70th and Columbus.  Athleta, which sells gym clothes, yoga gear, and swimwear, was recently purchased by the Gap. Gap just started opening  brick-and-mortar Athleta stores (it was previously a catalog/internet business).

It’s absolutely no surprise that they chose the Upper West Side for their first NYC venture, is it? Read More


The Upper West Side Puts the “Assy” in “Classy” (or, My Weekend in Photos)

I saw some amusing things this weekend, and since I always have my stupid Blackberry in my hand, I was able to capture these moments of colorful joy in our wacky neighborhood:

Exhibit A: Man on a bike towing a giant cupcake. Unfortunately I coudn’t talk to this gentleman because I was shooting from the window of a cab (where I had to shove Six out of the way after he shouted, “Look, that guy has a huge cupcake!”)

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Upper West Side: What’s New and What’s Closing

I  was all over the Upper West Side this weekend, which gave me the chance to check out what’s happening with the shopping situation up here. Last week, of course, the West Side Spirit reported that vintage clothing/kitsch store Allan and Suzi was shuttering its Upper West Side location after 23 years because of a rent increase, and will be re-locating downtown. (I’m going to admit now that I was only actually in there once and left because of a peculiar smell. I don’t like old stuff.)

Infinity Shoes, near 92nd and Broadway also rather abruptly just closed. Read More

Not One, Not Two, But THREE Major Fashion Editors Live On The Upper West Side

Robbie Myers, Glenda Bailey, Joanna Coles

This morning I was flipping through WWD and came across an article about three editors-in-chief who head up three of the most popular fashion magazines in the country: Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, and Marie Claire.  Imagine my surprise when I learned that all three of them live on the Upper West Side.

Yes, it’s true. If that doesn’t lend our neighborhood a bit more fashion cred, I don’t know what does. Robbie Myers (Elle), Glenda Bailey (Harper’s Bazaar), and Joanna Coles (Marie Claire) all live in our fair neighborhood. Now, perhaps I should have known this, since I’m a long-time fan/student of the fashion world and now lucky enough to be a very tiny fish in that big stylish sea. But I’m chalking it up to the fact that I don’t have stalker tendencies. While I care what these women say professionally via their mags, I never really thought about where they do their laundry and chop vegetables. But I’m throroughly delighted!

I hope I see them in Fairway one day.

**Photo: WWD