Upper West Side: What’s New and What’s Closing

I  was all over the Upper West Side this weekend, which gave me the chance to check out what’s happening with the shopping situation up here. Last week, of course, the West Side Spirit reported that vintage clothing/kitsch store Allan and Suzi was shuttering its Upper West Side location after 23 years because of a rent increase, and will be re-locating downtown. (I’m going to admit now that I was only actually in there once and left because of a peculiar smell. I don’t like old stuff.)

Infinity Shoes, near 92nd and Broadway also rather abruptly just closed. This is another store that I so wanted to be good, but alas, never was. It was a fairly large corner storefront with a colorful selection of shoes (we’ll ignore the Crocs annex that they had happening in one corner. ) But somehow the shoes felt really cheap and always looked three seasons old to me. Go ahead…call me a snob. You wouldn’t be the first.

In a piece of good news for UWS storefronts, a chunk of real estate that I’ve been watching for a few years now finally has a tenant–well, at least half a tenant. I’ve been hoping, against logic, that the very large corner storefront on the north-west corner of 87th and Broadway would become a Target. Or perhaps an H&M. Anything but a Duane Reade or another bank! It turns out that Ricky’s is taking over part of that space. Beauty stores are becoming like the Starbucks of the UWS–Sephora, Ricky’s, and fancy Duane Reades are everywhere. I’m not complaining–it’s just that I still can’t get a decent pair of shoes up here.

I suppose I could just go live near some big mall in the suburbs. I’m shutting up now…


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