The Upper West Side Puts the “Assy” in “Classy” (or, My Weekend in Photos)

I saw some amusing things this weekend, and since I always have my stupid Blackberry in my hand, I was able to capture these moments of colorful joy in our wacky neighborhood:

Exhibit A: Man on a bike towing a giant cupcake. Unfortunately I coudn’t talk to this gentleman because I was shooting from the window of a cab (where I had to shove Six out of the way after he shouted, “Look, that guy has a huge cupcake!”)

Exhibit B: An entire tree full of ugly toe shoes. Sigh. Even Scarlett Johanssen has been photographed in these things. Keep bringing us the fugly, Tip Top Shoes (155 W. 72nd, b/w Columbus and Broadway)!

Exhibit C: A skateboard gang.  They first passed us quite politely on the sidewalk going uptown, then decided it was a great idea to zoom down the middle of Broadway. My boys are never leaving the house on their own. Ever.


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