Böc Moved From Columbus to Broadway

Gripping headline, no? Well, if you’re a shopper and treasure the few boutiques we have up here on the Upper West Side, you care about this. I was cabbing up Columbus earlier today and noted a big “Moving” sign in BOC’s window, but drove by too quickly to see where the new location was. I figured, “Oh, great, another shop moving downtown. Or to Brooklyn.”

But, no! Later in the day I was walking up Broadway and noticed a lot of activity in the storefront at 2191 Broadway (between 77th and 78th). The new BOC! New York Magazine claims that BOC stands for “Boutique on Columbus.” Does this mean that the new name will be BOB? (Please forgive me. It’s late and my brain is fried.)

It’s a much smaller space, but I suspect it will be a better location for them. Their old space on Columbus was too large–there was a lot of empty space especially in the back; even when there were people shopping it seemed empty. This is never good for a retail shop.

I’m excited to see what they do with the new space. Hopefully their proximity to Barneys COOP will send some traffic their way.

*Photo: Citysearch


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