Here’s How Google Maps Gets Those Creepy Street Views

It’s totally disconcerting to see a picture of your building and its surroundings on Google Maps street views. Did you ever wonder who the heck goes around taking all the pictures? Here’s your answer! This is near 104th and WestEnd Avenue.



  1. beingzhenya · May 26, 2011

    I was always wondering about that! But you know what would be creepy? If you see yourself in one of those pics! I know the faces are all blurred and such, but you can still recognize yourself! But street view has been quiet helpful to my fiance and me, we are looking for an apartment in Minneapolis, and well there is no better way to check out a neighborhood, than Google’s street view!

  2. Linden 78 · May 27, 2011

    We’ve yet to see a Google Maps car pass our Upper West Side apartments , but it sure would be fun to be caught in one of their photos! Luckily, they got a shot of our building on a beautiful sunny day. Must be fun to travel the world just taking photos throughout the streets.

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