Would You Buy $2 Nail Polish From Some Guy on the Corner?

Today on the corner of 96th and Broadway I spotted this resourceful young man selling $2 bottles of “nails polish.” I have several thoughts about this:

1) Is it good for nail polish to be sitting outside when it’s 90 degrees? Probably not.

2) Remember when pashminas started selling on street corners for $5? That pretty much marked the end of the pashmina’s cache. Does this mean that the brightly-colored manicure has officially jumped the shark? I shudder to think of a future of politely buffed neutral nails a la Kate Middleton.

3) I just spent a ridiculous $25 on a new-for-fall Chanel nail polish. Is that any less ridiculous than buying one for $2 from some random guy on the street? I think not.



  1. beingzhenya · July 11, 2011

    Oh Jeez, I would rather go into a DR or a CVS to get a nail polish there! I never buy anything in the street!

  2. maiah · October 22, 2011

    HA! I literally laughed out loud at this post. I’m both distraught and incredibly tickled. Probably due to your third and final point – I totally get it. Keep on buying your $25 polish, girl. At least you’ll sleep well knowing it didn’t come out of a tupperware on the street.

    -Maiah // Writing with Wine

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