I Stumbled Upon Culture in Central Park on a Saturday Morning

This weekend my brother came for a visit from Chicago, bringing my 5-year-old niece with him. (And he wouldn’t let me take her for a manicure! “She’ll get hooked…” I have no idea what he’s talking about. I only go like every five or six days tops to get my nails done.  Maybe I can convince Six to go? He likes a bit of flashiness sometimes. Anyway.)

I love to be a tourist in NYC, so we headed to Central Park to the Bethesda Fountain. And we saw a ballerina, complete with tulle tutu, doing some sort of photo shoot. Very Sex and the City circa 2001. I was much more excited than my niece, who was fascinated by the unnaturally electric green water in the boat pond. Oh, this guy showed up, too:

 While he’s wearing low-rise jeans and not dance tights, I have to assume he’s a dancer, too. Guys, if you doubt that male ballet dancers are athletes, I beseech you: LOOK AT HIS ABS. After gawking for a few minutes, we wandered on, following the sweet sounds of “Amazing Grace.”

After an impromptu ballet performace, a beautiful concert, and an extra-salty pretzel, I can say it was a damn good Saturday in our city.



  1. Anne · October 2, 2011

    I miss NYC! 😦

  2. KJ · October 2, 2011

    *sigh* sounds so wonderful – miss NYC too!

  3. Mark · October 3, 2011

    Surprised you didn’t bust out your 80s break dancing skillz

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