Faux Ice Skate Boots Are a Thing

While running out for some Hale & Hearty on Friday afternoon (I frequently crave their tomato cheddar soup), I spotted a striking woman in front of me near 86th and Broadway wearing some sort of long, ruffled white wrap and the shoes pictured above. I was walking behind her and ran to get a close-up view of these marvels. After momentarily being distracted by her red fishnets and red ruffled ankle socks, I could properly focus on her footwear. I actually stopped her and she graciously let me snap a pic, though I don’t thing she understood a word I was saying. Thank you, mystery lady.

Her shoes look like ice skates with wooden blades. This isn’t necessarily such a wacky thing, style-wise. DSquared showed ice skate boots on their fall 2011 runway (right) that took the prize for most dangerous looking footwear of the season. They actually have metal bottoms, but with rubber soles,  you know, for walking more easily. I really sort of want them. They’re just so completely impractical. I wonder if you can take the rubber bumpers off and actually ice skate in them. Watch out, Lasker Rink.

To really wear them properly, though, do it they way they did on the runway. With a big, fat fur coat:


One comment

  1. B.Strave · November 8, 2011

    Yup I was in the U.O. on 72nd the other day and there they were doing their thing. Here’s the Jeffery Campbell version getting in on the act.

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