A Festive Weekend, Thanks to SantaCon

SantaCon revelers getting an early start

This Saturday was the first time I’ve actually felt really festive and ready for the holidays. I took the afternoon to go shopping on my own, and the city was hopping and happy.

While stopping for my post-workout coffee at the Starbucks on 93rd and Broadway, I ran into the festive trio at left, and that pretty much set the tone for my day. After making a comment about how that beard looked itchy, I learned that it was SantaCon yesterday, which is basically just a huge bar crawl requiring people to dress up like Santa. (During the course of the day I also saw several slutty Mrs. Claus’, elves, and even an abominable snowman. I’m totally doing SantaCon next year.)

I walked through Columbus Circle and past the park to get to that mecca of all things wonderful, Barneys. During that walk I was given free press-on nails in a really ugly salmon color, and stopped to listen to a quartet sing Christmas carols. (I also fought with a Central Park vendor about not paying $2 for a small bottle of water, and emerged victorious.  Do I look like a tourist??)

A Yeti at Rolf's

I ended the day by gathering my family and heading over to Rolf’s in Gramercy, which is known for heavy German food and the most over-the-top Christmas decorations ever. In hindsight, choosing to go there during SantaCon may have been a questionable decision, but it made it that much more festive. Plus we had a Yeti sighting, which pretty much was the icing on my very festive day.  Check out my pics below:

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One comment

  1. BeingZhenya · December 17, 2011

    That Yeti picture is my favorite!

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