The New York Times Said the Upper West Side Was Stylish So It Must Be True, Right?

Models frolic in Lincoln Center during Fashion’s NIght Out

Hi everyone! I know it’s been seven months since I’ve written anything here, but I’ve been inspired by the New York Times to take up the proverbial pen again. (Plus Avi at the WestSideRag  gave me a nudge.)  On Tuesday they published this article titled “Intersection: Upper West Side Style Is Quiet But Far From Mute.”  Quiet?? I have been screaming my head off for a year that the Upper West Side has style.

So maybe I should be thankful that the NYT deigned decided to highlight our sad little ass-backwards ‘hood. Except I think they did more harm than good. Let’s analyze:

“We strolled every block from Central Park West to Riverside Park, and from 76th to 81st Streets:”  You mean you went an entire five block radius? You realize the Upper West Side goes up to 96th street at least, right? And what about the area around Columbus Circle and Lincoln Center, where I often see many a well-heeled lady? I know hanging out by Zabar’s will give you that iconic New York backdrop shot you’re looking for, but people generally don’t look their best when they’re going to the grocery store to pick up some whitefish.

•  “…a belligerent Mister Softee Truck operator and Ellen Albertini Dow, the 90-year-old actress who played the rapping nun in Sister Act 2 and a rapping grandmother in The Wedding Singer”: OK, so you saw some wacky people and someone famous. You didn’t describe their style AT ALL. Was the belligerent Mister Softee guy wearing a Tom Ford suit? Some cool kicks? Weird piercings? Show, don’t tell, NYT. And while we’re sure Ms. Dow was fabulous, Ari Seth Cohen over at Advanced Style often catches doyennes on the UWS who look like this.
• The fashion stylist  featured in the video: OK, her grey hair was fab. Go, Ellen! However, no offense, but even SHE admitted that everything she was wearing was old stuff from her closet.  In this case ‘vintage’ is euphemistic for ‘I’ve given up on trying to shop.’ Don’t get me wrong–that is not a bad thing, if it was say, something that had some color and shape to it. But it was a shapeless black top, shapeless black shirt, and driving mocs. Stylish? Not so much.
All the New York Times did with this piece is completely confirm every non-Upper-West-Sider’s suspicions that we all wear Tod’s driving mocs (they appeared on two of the featured subjects) for our daily schlep to Zabar’s. Siggggh.


  1. BeingZhenya · July 20, 2012

    So glad to see you back 🙂

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