A Festive Weekend, Thanks to SantaCon

SantaCon revelers getting an early start

This Saturday was the first time I’ve actually felt really festive and ready for the holidays. I took the afternoon to go shopping on my own, and the city was hopping and happy.

While stopping for my post-workout coffee at the Starbucks on 93rd and Broadway, I ran into the festive trio at left, and that pretty much set the tone for my day. After making a comment about how that beard looked itchy, I learned that it was SantaCon¬†yesterday, which is basically just a huge bar crawl requiring people to dress up like Santa. (During the course of the day I also saw several slutty Mrs. Claus’, elves, and even an abominable snowman. I’m totally doing SantaCon next year.) Read More


Please Tell Me This Is Not a Fashion Statement

Thanks to MyUpperWest for publishing this disturbing image. (And kudos to them for using my preferred method of photography: the “take-a-picture-of-them-from-behind-so-you-can-mock-them-without-hurting-their-feelings.”)

Look carefully at this photo. A very put together and sophisticated looking woman, at least until you get to the knee of her left leg. SHE IS WEARING  A STOCKING ON ONE LEG.

There are several problems with this: 1) It was a zillion degrees this week and no stockings should be near anyone’s legs. 2) SHE IS WEARING A STOCKING ON ONE LEG.

I hope there is a medical reason for this. Compression stocking? I don’t know. But if you recognize yourself in this picture, could you please drop me a line and let me know if I’m missing out on some sort of Parisian trend or something? Merci.

When Nature and Urbanites Meet. Or, Is That a Real Bird?

While walking down Broadway in the 80s yesterday, I spotted this scarlet creature just hanging out in the middle of the sidewalk. I stopped to peer at it, and in the process gathered a curious crowd. Because when a New Yorker actually stops to look at something, chances are good that it’s a total train wreck. Or A-Rod.

In this case, it was just a little lost red bird, who certainly didn’t belong in the middle of the sidewalk. The question, “Is it alive?” was quickly answered when one woman gently tried to pick it up. Scarlett flapped her little wings and safely landed on this woman’s shoe: Read More

The Upper West Side Puts the “Assy” in “Classy” (or, My Weekend in Photos)

I saw some amusing things this weekend, and since I always have my stupid Blackberry in my hand, I was able to capture these moments of colorful joy in our wacky neighborhood:

Exhibit A: Man on a bike towing a giant cupcake. Unfortunately I coudn’t talk to this gentleman because I was shooting from the window of a cab (where I had to shove Six out of the way after he shouted, “Look, that guy has a huge cupcake!”)

Read More

On The Street: Meet Morag And Pamela

So I’m in the middle of NY Fashion Week chaos and haven’t been updating Upper West Side Style. A pox upon me! There’s been so much going on at Lincoln Center this week that I really should have been sharing in real time. But I’ve been taking notes and lots of pictures, so will give you a recap post when it’s all over. If you’re interested, check out the exhaustive coverage over at Fashionista (where I have been toiling tirelessly this week).

Anyway, I was leaving the tents at Lincoln Center the other day, when a chartreuse vision caught my eye near 68th and Broadway:

I had to go speak to these joyful and confident ladies and congratulate them on their individualism. Morag was wearing a Lie Song Bong coat and Pamela had on a Michael Kors fox (fur haters, please keep it to yourself for a minute). Apparently MK only made two of the coats, the other of which was purchased by a Saudi Arabian princess. Please also note her hot pink accessories. I approve!