A Festive Weekend, Thanks to SantaCon

SantaCon revelers getting an early start

This Saturday was the first time I’ve actually felt really festive and ready for the holidays. I took the afternoon to go shopping on my own, and the city was hopping and happy.

While stopping for my post-workout coffee at the Starbucks on 93rd and Broadway, I ran into the festive trio at left, and that pretty much set the tone for my day. After making a comment about how that beard looked itchy, I learned that it was SantaCon yesterday, which is basically just a huge bar crawl requiring people to dress up like Santa. (During the course of the day I also saw several slutty Mrs. Claus’, elves, and even an abominable snowman. I’m totally doing SantaCon next year.) Read More


I Went to the New Upper West Side Century 21, And I (Barely) Lived to Tell the Tale

I have a rather shocking confession to make: I have never set foot in a Century 21 in my life. Yes, I’ve lived in New York for 10 years and am a self-proclaimed shopping guru, yet have never visited the hallowed halls of a Century 21 store.  I hope that doesn’t detract from my already fairly dubious credibility as an arbiter of style.

Here’s the thing–I hate so-called discount stores. Loehmann’s, TJ Maxx, Filene’s? They annoy me. I feel like I have to dig through heaps of stuff that no one else wanted to find something remotely interesting, only to discover it’s not THAT much cheaper. (Or…I’m a shopping snob. I can totally admit it.)

But with Century 21 opening right in my backyard, I had to check it out, so made the ridiculous decision to go this past Sunday. Yes. In the middle of the day. Now, I’ve heard all the legends about fighting over the last pair of size 5  Manolo Blahniks so I thought I was prepared for the craziness. No.

A few observations: Read More

Böc Moved From Columbus to Broadway

Gripping headline, no? Well, if you’re a shopper and treasure the few boutiques we have up here on the Upper West Side, you care about this. I was cabbing up Columbus earlier today and noted a big “Moving” sign in BOC’s window, but drove by too quickly to see where the new location was. I figured, “Oh, great, another shop moving downtown. Or to Brooklyn.”

But, no! Later in the day I was walking up Broadway and noticed a lot of activity in the storefront at 2191 Broadway (between 77th and 78th). The new BOC! Read More

Athleta Opening on 70th and Columbus: I’m Conflicted About This

Crain’s reported earlier this week that  Athleta would be opening its first NYC store in the old Lucky Jeans space on 70th and Columbus.  Athleta, which sells gym clothes, yoga gear, and swimwear, was recently purchased by the Gap. Gap just started opening  brick-and-mortar Athleta stores (it was previously a catalog/internet business).

It’s absolutely no surprise that they chose the Upper West Side for their first NYC venture, is it? Read More

Upper West Side: What’s New and What’s Closing

I  was all over the Upper West Side this weekend, which gave me the chance to check out what’s happening with the shopping situation up here. Last week, of course, the West Side Spirit reported that vintage clothing/kitsch store Allan and Suzi was shuttering its Upper West Side location after 23 years because of a rent increase, and will be re-locating downtown. (I’m going to admit now that I was only actually in there once and left because of a peculiar smell. I don’t like old stuff.)

Infinity Shoes, near 92nd and Broadway also rather abruptly just closed. Read More

If You’re Going To The Gap This Weekend, Bring This Coupon To Benefit Leukemia/Lymphoma Research

The Gap as a company is having lots of problems: They’re not making money, they’re not fashionable. OK, but I still find myself there buying things. I’m sure you do, too. Their jeans and pants still appeal to me, and they fit well.

If you’re planning to run into any of the Gap stores (which means Gap, Banana Republic, or Old Navy) this weekend, please print out this coupon and bring it with you. From March 17-20, you can get 30% off your purchases, but most importantly, 5% of sales will be donated to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

I’m not usually so serious in my posts here, but many of you know that I’m a pediatric nurse practitioner–most of my 15 years in this business has been spent in Pediatric Oncology. I’ve seen way too many kids die from these horrible diseases. So when an email from the LLS hit my inbox, I had to post it here.

I know there’s a lot going on in the world right now, but this is a small request: Just go shopping!

When The Hell Are They Going To Just Give Up And Condemn The Metro Theater?

I was wandering past the decrepit Metro Theater today (and no, a piece of tin from the overhang didn’t fall on me…for a change) and noticed that the door was open and some activity was going on inside. So I scooted over with my camera to check it out. No, OF COURSE, I didn’t trespass. I just stood on the sidewalk and shot in. Once you see the pictures, you’ll see why I didn’t go in–you’d be taking your life in your hands walking in there.

I’m still so intrigued by this drama. I reported in December that the theater was tentatively going to be a Galleria, complete with booths selling…stuff. DNA Info later shot that rumor down and reported in mid-December that a community activist was trying to raise money to make it a community arts center. Well, My Upper West side shot that rumor down at the beginning of February. Read it here.  So it looks like it may be an a) appliance store b) clothing store (hoping!) c) school (huh?!) d) health club e) bookstore (that’ll be short-lived).

Read More