Congrats To Our Favorite UWS Website!!!

A big hug and huge helping of neighborhood pride to Avi and the WestSideRag for being nominated for a Best Neighborhood Blog  by the Village Voice  for its 2nd annual Web Awards. While the Rag didn’t win (Bowery Boogie took home the prize), it’s still an amazing honor for such a young website and I’m proud to be a part of it. Read More


Faux Ice Skate Boots Are a Thing

While running out for some Hale & Hearty on Friday afternoon (I frequently crave their tomato cheddar soup), I spotted a striking woman in front of me near 86th and Broadway wearing some sort of long, ruffled white wrap and the shoes pictured above. I was walking behind her and ran to get a close-up view of these marvels. After momentarily being distracted by her red fishnets and red ruffled ankle socks, I could properly focus on her footwear. I actually stopped her and she graciously let me snap a pic, though I don’t thing she understood a word I was saying. Thank you, mystery lady. Read More

I Stumbled Upon Culture in Central Park on a Saturday Morning

This weekend my brother came for a visit from Chicago, bringing my 5-year-old niece with him. (And he wouldn’t let me take her for a manicure! “She’ll get hooked…” I have no idea what he’s talking about. I only go like every five or six days tops to get my nails done.  Maybe I can convince Six to go? He likes a bit of flashiness sometimes. Anyway.)

I love to be a tourist in NYC, so we headed to Central Park to the Bethesda Fountain. And we saw a ballerina, complete with tulle tutu, doing some sort of photo shoot. Very Sex and the City circa 2001. I was much more excited than my niece, who was fascinated by the unnaturally electric green water in the boat pond. Oh, this guy showed up, too: Read More

New York Fashion Week at Lincoln Center: Read About My Adventures at West Side Rag

So here’s a bit of shameless self-promotion, and also a plea that you check out West Side Rag, a rather stellar hyper-local blog. I’ve mentioned it before, but it bears repeating.

I also happen to be a columnist there, and wrote about my recent experience at Zac Posen’s runway show at Lincoln Center. I even spoke to a celeb–Kelly Osbourne. (Come on, she is so a celeb.) Read More

My Poor, Ignored Blog

Hi, Upper West Side. I’m embarrassed at how long it’s been since I’ve posted. It’s been a long summer of fun and work. Work is taking over a bit more now. I’ve accepted a bigger role at my current day job, so it’s sucking up the hours I have available to blog, tweet, read US Weekly, and um, make dinner for my children. Many thanks to the 14 of you who continue to check up on Upper West Side Style. I promise I will be better!

There’s been a lot going on in our hood. And of course–it’s fashion week! Read More

It Looks Like The Metro Theater May Finally Have A Tenant

Hello, Upper West Siders! I’m still here. Yay!

Thanks to MILo’s obsessive trolling of UWS real estate sites, I have this tidbit to bring you: The decrepit Metro Theater (2626 Broadway, b/w 99th and 100th) may finally have a tenant. According to the Besen Retail Leasing site, it will now be called the Galleria at Metro Theater. “Booths are available in The Galleria from 60-250 square feet for any use.”

Um. This worries me just a bit. While I’m desperately hoping for a Chelsea Market-esque land of cute boutiques, I’m fearing a dumpy flea market where I will be offered socks and incense.

Watching this one closely, people.

(Also, I’m happy to see that the previously vacant Rootchi store next to the Metro Theater has re-opened after a few months….as the Rootchi store again. I will get to the bottom of this peculiar leasing arrangement.)

The Fur Vest Trend Is Huge At Lincoln Center This Week


This guy may have taken the fur vest trend a tad too literally, but I love him for walking around like this.


Fur vests, both faux and the real thing, are going to be huge this fall. Editors and other fashionable types have been wearing Wookie vests all week at Lincoln Center, with varying degrees of success. To me, the ones that have a little less volume and a little more length are the most flattering. Also, keep whatever else you’re wearing very simple. The fur is enough, trust me.

My friend Lu tagged along with me to a few shows. She was kicking herself that she didn’t wear her vest, which was given to her as a gift. She thought it might be a bit too over the top. Her husband told her,  “Baby, if you can’t wear fur to a f*cking fashion show, where CAN you wear it??” Exactly. 

In other UWS sartorial news, Five had his first day of Kindergarten today and had to wear a blazer, button down shirt, and tie. He was so eager to put it on, until he finally put it on. He kept moaning, “This is SO uncomfortable” and fidgeted the entire 45 minute orientation at school. Thank goodness he only needs to wear it three times a year. He’d better go into a “creative” profession where grungey workwear is allowed.